Responsive website - Key to customer happiness

Client provides a technology platform to automate marketing and sales operations processes for apparel, footwear and accessories brands.


One of the most difficult challenges was to make web application responsive without affecting user experience. When client approached us, their application was not supported on tablets. They also wanted to support different ways of interaction like touch, apple pencil etc. As product has been built over a decade, migrating to new technologies is not that easy. They were facing frequent UI issues due to legacy technologies / libraries used in app development.


The Client is a software company which has cloud based web application product for Apparel, Footwear and Fashion Industry. Their solution has been used all over the world in Apparel Industry. Despite having support team, they were facing lot of issues from clients which started using web app on iPad and other tablets. Client has used legacy technologies to build their product and they were facing issues in supporting web applications on different sizes of screens.


Realising need to make web application responsive, our client approached us to examine their technology and first provide the initial direction and strategy. We started with testing website on all possible devices. Then we concentrated on areas which needs urgent attention. We presented plan to client for phase wise implementation of project. Migrating existing jQuery library to support latest bootstrap versions was also a challenging task. With special emphasis on design, we tested our solutions on different platforms.


The results from these changes have been very significant. It has stabilised the system and made it responsive for all kinds of devices. It has also considerably improved performance of web application. Our client was very impressed with our professionalism and our expertise in web and mobile application development. They are getting positive feedback from customers for all responsive related changes.