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Build a productive environment by improving the process, governance, and internal communication


Building the environment is often overlooked in the initial days of an organization, we most of the time miss understood environment building with activities where we provide support to employees. Yes, support to employees and related activity is a part of the culture or Environment-Support activity is not a reflection of the culture of an organization, it may reflect the value systems of the organization

Building a productive environment required 360-degree thinking from the management team, the environment can be aggressive, inductive, or any. So the question is how can an organization build a productive environment for employees

First of all, define the business goal of your company, in terms of revenue, this will provide clarity in terms of the kind of employees your company is needed, gender mixture, demographic mix, learning environment, and development environment

For Example

1. If your company required entry-level employees as the majority, then the environment needed to be vibrant, and short-term benefits should be clearly visible, as entry-level staff pay more attention to short-term benefits, learning and development should be the core of the environment building activity, etc 
2. If your company required lateral level employees as the majority, in that case, the environment needed to be more on the mature side, short-term and long-term benefits both needed to pay attention and processes are required to be the major part of all functions. Process optimization to be done on a regular basis 
3. If you have a mix of both categories of employee’s entry and lateral, in that case, pay due to attention in the working process

An organization builds a productive environment with the assistance of processes in various departments.

Importance of process in environment building
Process guides employees to do the job in the right manner, if the process is made by considering minute details then the employees are having the complete clarity of the task, post which they can create an execution plan for the task, which results in improved productivity.

Let us understand with an example, suppose if an hr had given a task to hire an operation manager, they can do the job in two ways by1. Following a traditional method, of sourcing data and scheduling interviews with the department leaders, this is a traditional method.

Following a company defined process of sourcing first, secondly adding a layer of assessment which is close to department lead expectation, and then schedule an interview with the department lead, the latter method will give better results compared to the previous one, here the difference in outcome will be because of the process only, in both cases employees and infra remains same. 

Importance of governance in environment building 
Governance is equally important as the process, here governance refers to the reporting system and commitment.

Whether the performance is happening or not, governance is very important, governance provides the management to measure the effectiveness of the strategy which they are trying to implement. 

Effective governance provides helps to identify problem statements and their solution.

Role of internal communication in environment building 
Internal communication brings out trust and credibility in the minds of employees which impacts their belief system in the organization. An organization is actually a group of people working for a common goal and internal communication provides them intangible motivation and trust which differentiate a company from others