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Can Training Improve Productivity?

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Probably one of the very important questions to think, can training improve employee productivity. To understand this, we need to go a little deep into understanding the training.

Training is of multiple kinds but primarily we will be discussing two categories of training

1. Technical training – Any training program which is associated with upskilling the employee’s technical skills comes under technical training. Further, this can be divided into two more sections a. Inductive training (Where the technical skill training is provided the first time) and b. reinforcement training (this type of training is provided to reinforce the missing skills in employees)
2. Soft skill training – This type of training is deals with upgrading the soft skills of an employee, which is a must to have skills to perform the job as a team

If we look into the ideal situation training is performed to communicate various kinds of skills to employees and training programs if of multiple types and created with multiple objectives

Training definitely improves the productivity of an employee there is not a single doubt about it, training helps in dealing with the crunch of quality and market-ready employees. Right training program and strategy help in uplifting the resources skills to adequate quality and provides a rapid hiring support

In the current time where is a lack of employable section resources training plays a very important role, it helps in making the resource market-ready.

One of the important stages in implementing the training program is training to need analysis

What is a training need analysis?

Training need analysis is an activity where an organization performs due diligence to understand the skill gap among its employees. It is a process that is created with the assistance of various department heads. TNA assists in knowing the skills gaps in a scientific manner post which the correct training program can be created and later implemented.

Post TNA training programs are created and later impact measurement tools are implemented to check the impact of training

An effective method to create an impact measurement tool?

  • First define KPIs (Key performing index)

  • Quantify KPIs

  • Create assessment 

  • DO group transformation analysis 

  • Do individual transformation analysis

Challenges in creating a training program?


  • One of the top challenges in creating a training program is the TNA (training need analysis). In most cases, TNA goes wrong because of poor internal communication. If the internal communication is not properly set up, in such cases performing TNA is very difficult 

  • Creating an impact measure tool 

  • Mapping training with Daily reporting and automating TNA

  • Mapping Training with Recruitment process 

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