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A 8-Point Checklist to Find the Right Software Development Company for Your Business.

In today’s world the right software development partner, be it for the development of web applications, mobile applications, or standalone software, is key to the success of any business.
Thus, spending a little time selecting the right company will save you time, resources and avoid the frustration of working with poorly developed software.
Software development is a complex process. It demands precision, creativity, and attention to detail. But most custom software development companies only focus on building & delivering products without any consultative capabilities.
So how should you ensure selecting the right Software Development Partner? This article offers a nine-point checklist that will help you do the due diligence necessary to select the right partner.

Proven Technical Talents

Be wary of software development companies whose specialization is not related to your requirements.  Even if you’ve done your research and have zeroed in on the same technological preference, your discovery phase must consider factors like consulting services, skills and processes too. These are no less important than technology choices. Complement this with relevant product development experience.


Understanding of Your Business Objectives

Digital product development consultants are a dime a dozen; the differentiator you should look for is experience. The speed with which business, trends, cycles evolve now is far more dynamic that it was barely a decade back. You need a custom software development company that functions like a real partner, i.e. they must understand your enterprise goals, and must be able to work cohesively with your leadership & management teams to enable your business to grow and rise to new heights.


Strong communication skills

Strong communication skills, coupled with an open-dialogue work-style, is a win-win for your enterprise and your outsourced partner, as well. Clear, unambiguous communication cuts through clutter, makes your point clearly and concisely and saves valuable time that would have been otherwise spent in wasteful back and forth interactions. In a nutshell: less resistance: smoother, faster work progress.



UX/UI expertise

Many software development agencies specialize in design, others in technical services that can deliver a project. However, restricting your choice to one or the other will leave something to be desired at the later stage in the development process. 
User experience design is one valuable, but often unconsidered variable. Designing the right experience raises the quality of interactions. Ideally, you should a pick web/mobile app development company, whose technical prowess is complemented by strong user experience design (UX) credentials.


Agile and DevOps Approach

Given the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of today’s marketplaces, super-fast releases of digital products are imperative. The product-development approach is the most effective way to sync enterprise goals with the ideal processes and frameworks to speed up feedback and time-to-market. And this is best achieved through Agile methodologies and DevOps.
DevOps is a collaborative approach between IT and operations teams. It moves project forward quickly by creating a feedback loop that is supported by end-to-end processes.
A dynamic, iterative process defines agile development streamlines and speeds up processes, and incorporates a customer-centric mindset that pushes innovation at every stage of product development. IT Companies that focus only on completing a project as quickly as possible are very likely to overlook or even avoid stable implementation of patches as and if needed. If they happen to encounter a bug, they are more likely to implement a makeshift fix instead of a robust and maintain-able solution.
Incorporating agile methodology in design helps build informed UI/UX solutions with the capacity to truly delight end-users.


Quality Focused

As we saw, a product development mindset looks narrowly at the desired outcome and the shortest, most efficient path to get there. On the other hand, Agile development and DevOps take an iterative development that is informed by feedback—complemented by testing, validation through prototyping, user testing, and daily scrums—from users/potential users & stakeholders. This approach enables developers to build an optimal product for user needs.


Big on Security

Beyond regulatory compliances, security plays an important role in establishing credibility. Thus every enterprise must calculate risk factors and safeguard against possibilities like data loss or malfunctioning software. So, make it a point to enquire about security measures adopted by the shortlisted development partner.


Robust Post-Development Support

The breadth and depth of after-development support is critical to the successful deployment of any new digital application. Enterprises that do not offer any after-development support, or is deficient in their scope, should be immediately struck off your list. It goes without saying that any software development partner worth their salt will definitely provide post-development support, at the very least, regular maintenance and backups.

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