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Real-life challenge Vs perceived challenge of employee productivity

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Employee productivity is one of the burning problems for many organizations, Organization productivity is dependent on employees and employee productivity is dependent on many variable factors. To understand this in more detail let us first understand the evolution process of companies. and why employee productivity slowly become a challenging and burning topic.

When an organization is set up, the operation is very close-knit, all the processes like sales, marketing, HR, and finance, are centralized and managed by promoters of the company, As soon as the organization starts to grow from limited people to the next level, process plays an important role, it is the process through which the entire working and function of the organization are dependent.

Initially, process is set up by promoters only, who may have or may not have the adequate skill to set the process, one of the ideal ways to set up the process is to look for cloning the best performer’s skills in a particular department and create governance to measure the effectiveness, which of course follow multiple reviews time and again

As an organization we think that upskilling, governance and reporting are the challenges related to employee productivity, these are the perceived challenges by us, and we think that if we do below we will have improved employee productivity

1. Train our employees with the best trainers and mentors 
2. Hire the best managers for governing employees
3. Create the best MIS or Reporting systems

All of the above three are related to employee productivity, but they control the outside layer only, the real problem lies inside the sphere like: 

1. Inadequate interaction – Poor interaction is one of the core reasons for poor employee productivity. let us understand in detail, Any employee works in an organization because of mainly for one reason to secure his or her and their family. Now in the current time trend had changed, the behavior of employees had changed tremendously, and people are looking for security and quality of life both at the same time. Any internal miscommunication which impacts the basic expectation of employees beyond 25%, creates dissatisfaction among the employees.
2. Poor internal communication – Poor internal communication creates a lot of unwanted confusion among the employees who are working for the same organization’s goal. This is one of the core reasons for work-life dissatisfaction. The organization needed to have a separate Internal communication department 
3. Mismatch culture Organization culture is also responsible for poor employee productivity, ambiguous culture delivers ambiguous results

The real-life challenge of employee productivity is very irritating, because organization spent a lot of time and resource in solving this but are not able to achieve the desired result, below are a few suggestions to solve the real-life challenge of employee productivity

1. Improve internal communication 
2. Have clarity in interaction with your employees – Prepare well before any open house session 
3. Create an Engaging culture – Culture building is not only done for the sake of doing, culture building can happen very much scientifically, which acts as an information system to communicate the gaps to management

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