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How marketers can use for effective campaign management?

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Marketing and creative management are made simple where all the marketing & creative initiatives come together in one place. Management not only involves managing employees in an organization but also includes managing campaigns, event management, content calendar, brand management, product launches, social media marketing, email marketing, creative requests, DAM, strategic planning, and many other things.

One of the major areas of our concern is campaign management. It is the planning and execution of new marketing initiatives, but it can also include other aspects of business such as advertising, sales, and customer support. These activities can be used to promote an existing business or product or to launch a new product or event.

Nowadays, the world is more inclined toward Digital Marketing, but marketing as a whole includes the following channels for getting the message out. They are Social Media, giveaways, Emails, Surveys, and Print Materials. All of these are aimed at trying to direct potential buyers' attention to a specific topic or idea.

In order to plan a marketing strategy for the client, manages the strategy with high-level overviews. It checks the visibility needed to be monitored for all the ongoing campaigns so as to make strategic decisions meeting the company goals.

Campaign planning is also aligned to keep the workflow running efficiently with automation. So that the team gets notified of the top-performing keywords, campaign deadlines, and final approvals. will help its clients to streamline the creative approval process from end to end and make sure all the relevant information passes effortlessly from campaign manager to copywriter and designer with forms, annotations, and versioning. can monitor the different projects easily. They will help them visually plan the campaign with the team at their ease, keeping everyone in sync and automatically notifying them about the campaign schedule, delay or completion. This will also help them with the customizable forms, easily collecting and managing the creative requests. This can be done by using a request form to efficiently collect the information needed. Setting clear due dates, dependencies, and automation. They keep a check on the assets in whatever context they are needed with detailed cards, visualized grid, or a full project view.

It provides the live feedback feature to annotate images and videos to speed up approvals. Collaborate and provide contextual annotations directly on the files to shorten feedback loops. This is done to avoid the back and forth with transparent status updates and smart notifications.

This also works on the file versioning where it stays updated on the latest version. Eliminates those messy “doc18-final-final2.doc” files and organizes every iteration of a file in a coherent timeline, adding versions as they work and spotting the current version at a glance. They work directly on time-saving plugins, review briefs, update the status and upload new assets without leaving the editing apps. Connecting the essentials like Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, In-Design, Acrobat DC, and many more.

When the stakes are high and there is so much money at stake, we can't just jump from simple business goals to an international ad campaign without keeping a close eye on every detail. The marketing campaign manager is the one who looks up and keeps a close eye on things, hence can be of great help to focus on your business keeping rest assured with

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