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Boost your internal communication strategy with these proven steps

Internal communication is like a thread that unites the various stakeholder of an organization for achieving a common goal. It includes various processes and structures which are created for the effective flow of the message. 

Internal communication is meant for communication between the leadership team, management team, and execution team inside an organization 

Effective Internal communication assists organizations in communicating the company vision and mission statement in a strategic way to respective stakeholders 

Let us understand the modern-day challenges posed by poor internal communication

Bad process for day to day activity

Companies follow an old method for creating a process for daily work. This impacts employee productivity badly because of the poor communication channels between the leadership team and the execution team. The leadership team wants to communicate X and executors understand Y because of poor communication channel


Less cross-departmental collaboration

Cross-departmental collaboration is almost negligible in many organizations, collaborating among the department seems like collaborating with other companies, Internal communication plays an important role in solving this challenge by making the sure adequate flow of information among various department


Inadequate demarcation between leadership, management, and execution team


It is often observed that the process owner does the job of an employee, instead of mentoring the same person, this creates an overall negative mark inside the organization as the company is not able to build the required team. This is pretty much observed in almost all companies


Company culture

Poor internal communication creates a stinky company culture, It creates friction for employees to know the clarity of the organizational goal


Inadequate organizational development activity for upskilling the leadership team

Poor communication leads to bad learning and development initiatives; it refrains management from knowing real insight and thus management cannot take the necessary corrective action

Measures to improve


Process for making everyone informed and involved

Create a process where very one is informed about organizational development and activity. make sure the below activities are followed

  • ​CEO Shares vision and mission statement and their development updates 

  • Employee shares their contribution and feedback 

  • Pay attention to employee feedback and make them recognizable


Create KPIs to track Internal communication effectiveness

Treat Internal communication as one of the most important activity which can improve employee experience, collaborative work, and motivates the team. create the KPI for measuring the effectiveness of your internal communication strategy like 

  • Employee experience 

  • Attrition rate track 

  • Business performance 

  • Employee productivity 

  • Employer Branding


Employee engagement and meetups

Allocate some extra budget to your travel and expenses and conduct more open houses to interact with employees


KRA up-gradation of managers

Add an additional responsibility of communication effectiveness to your managers and follow the model of train the trainer. Upgrade your managers of all departments with new insights about organization goals and the organization’s future



Create a de-centralized process of communication with your HR or Internal communication department and make sure every communication reaches to right stakeholder in an effective way