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App for e-commerce unlocks spike in book orders

Menakabooks is a multi-publisher, book seller delivering primarily Marathi language books.


Menakabooks is a multi-publisher, book seller delivering primarily Marathi language books. They have a collection of more than 9000+ books to sell. They deliver books & magazines to domestic market as well as International market through their website. 

Until engaging with AppRely technologies, they had their e-commerce website but they wanted to expand their user base by developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platform. Despite having website, they were losing clients who use mobile applications heavily. Building app is must to expand user base and more customers.


There is also security related issue while sharing data between mobile apps and website. Client had more than 10K customers so securing their data is also one of ongoing concerns.
Less documentation available about their existing website implementation. Also less information available related to web services.
Site was located on local server which require maintenance. Even though they had invested in web solution, there was a lack of overall integration.



One of the most difficult challenges is supporting different platforms and sizes of devices. Not supporting any device fully would severely affect user rating of app, which can have an impact on business. Managing data realtime on website, mobile apps is also challenging. Client doesn’t have IT support team which made getting information from legacy website more difficult.

Realising need for mobile applications, Menakabooks approached AppRely Technologies to examine their technology and first provide an initial direction and strategy.

AppRely technologies helped Menakabooks to define their needs, provided a roadmap for their mobile apps development. AppRely started with migrating existing infrastructure to cloud. We had to analyze their existing e-commerce website. We created web services to get relevant data for mobile apps development. After careful analysis we recommended native application development where android app was developed using android native libraries (java) and IOS application was developed in Swift.

The results from a mobile apps development have been very significant. It has considerably increased their footprint in domestic market. Also started getting more orders from International customers. They are getting more positive feedback from customers. They have acquired new customers in different regions on state where they had no presence before. Client was very impressed with our professionalism and our emphasis on design and usability. These mobile apps also helped them to engage existing customers by giving different offers.

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